Aperture Height - The Height of the opening. This can be floor to ceiling height or the structural opening.

Aperture Width - The length of opening where your doors will be installed.

Astragals - A bar or strip to separate panes of glass of panels.

Door Height - Individual sliding door or bifold height.

Door Width - Individual sliding door or bifold width.

Internal Depth - Depth of wardrobe space. We highly recommend 600mm deep to avoid an impact on functionality.

Internal Height - This is usually the same as the aperture height however this may differ depending on if there is a bulkhead or coombe ceiling.

Internal Width - The length of the back wall where your internals will be installed. Usually the same as the aperture width.

Soft-Close - A mechanism that slows the door down when closing to prevent harsh closes and preserve the doors longevity.

Track Width - Bottom & Top Track width for doors to run on - This is the aperture size minus any relevant deductions.